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The vast and diverse landscapes of Australia make it the perfect destination for recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiasts. Exploring this beautiful continent on wheels offers the ultimate freedom and flexibility to discover hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and stunning natural wonders. From golden beaches to rugged outback, here are the top 10 best places to visit in an RV in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria:
Starting in the vibrant city of Melbourne, The Great Ocean..... Read More

Jun 18, 2023


Looking after your batteries while your RV is in storage

Most battery failures often occur due to neglect and improper care. AGM / Deep Cycle lead acid type batteries, which are most commonly used in RV, Caravan and Motorhome applications will look after you if you look after them. By following the basic advice listed below, this should help you get the best life out of your AGM Deep cycle batteries and prevent premature failure.

Storing your RV, Caravan or Motorhome - When storing your RV, we recommend that you check al..... Read More

Jul 28, 2016