RV Tips and Advice - Batteries


Looking after your batteries while your RV is in storage

Jul 28, 2016

Most battery failures often occur due to neglect and improper care. AGM / Deep Cycle lead acid type batteries, which are most commonly used in RV, Caravan and Motorhome applications will look after you if you look after them. By following the basic advice listed below, this should help you get the best life out of your AGM Deep cycle batteries and prevent premature failure.

Storing your RV, Caravan or Motorhome - When storing your RV, we recommend that you check all loads are switched off to ensure there's nothing that can potentially drain your batteries. If you have a low battery disconnect / battery protector, you should also switch this off as this should disconnect all loads in your RV.
If your RV is stored outside and you have solar, this should be sufficient in keeping your batteries fully charged. Providing the RV is kept out in the sun of course.
If you don't have solar and / or if your RV is stored under cover, you should be using a battery charger which has a maintenance feature which ensures your batteries are kept at an optimal condition / voltage. If your charger doesn't have a maintenance mode or feature or you can't leave a maintenance battery charger permanently connected, you should be checking the voltage of you batteries every couple of months to ensure they haven't dropped below 12.7 Volts. Note: If your unsure whether your battery charger has a maintenance feature or whether it can be left permanently connect, please check the manufacturers specifications or owners manual for your battery charger.

Tip: You should never leave or store your batteries in a discharged state. Make sure they are fully charged before storing your RV away. Some electronic devices may drain your battery even while switched off. Although the current drain would be minimal, over extended periods of time this would be enough to drain and potentially damage your batteries if they are left in a discharged state for extended periods of time. This is a good enough reason to use a maintenance charger or your solar to ensure your batteries are kept alive and safe.